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Alpha Omega Middle and High School is pleased to announce our online program.

Is taking an online course for you? To answer this question students that take online classes should be motivated, self-starter and be able to work independently, manage your time, be organized, don’t procrastinate, and be prepared.

The reason that Alpha Omega Middle and High School offers online learning is because students learn at a different levels and different paces.  No one learner learns the same way. At no time is the academics’ pacing guide rushed. We believe in building self-directed learning skills that students need in order to be successful in college and life.

We are also concerned about students who are physically unable to attend school because of unforeseen medical conditions. This program allows these students to go to school and learn and get what is necessary to be academically successful.

We also target the gifted students who move at an accelerated rate and needs to be pushed harder and at a much faster rate of speed.

Our teachers put the children first and are driven by the student’s academic achievement.

We feel this program offers several advantages not found in most school settings.  Some of them are:

All students still have the ability to come to school to meet the teachers for explanation and tutoring.

Students have the freedom of not going to class.

You are able to work on your classes from the convenience of your home.

You are able to work on your classes while traveling.

You can save gasoline.

Meet new friends

You may review notes and look at assignments a long as necessary.

You have the grading rubrics at your finger tips.

You have the class syllabus for easy reference.

Never feel rushed or put on the spot like being in a regular classroom setting.

You have the luxury of never being afraid to ask a question.

Call 770-788-7100 or come in today for more information.